Hello, I'm Vitoria (she/her)

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist #146982 practicing in Southern California.

My therapeutic approach is grounded in psychodynamic therapy. This approach often supports us in understand the deeper reasons behind our feelings and behaviors, often rooted in unresolved experiences and unconscious thoughts. We explore these hidden aspects together through open conversations, aiming to uncover and address past traumas and patterns that affect your current life.

When we need more support I often take into consideration your wellness, work life, social wellness, cultural beliefs, spiritual beliefs, and sexual identity.

I obtained my Masters Degree at Pepperdine University and spent my time training at Airport Marina Counseling Services where I gained extensive experience working psychodynamically, emotional focused, and utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques. I also spent time training at a school-based site and substance abuse treatment center.

In addition to therapy, I bring over a decade of experience in career development and meditation/mindfulness training.

When I am not in the office with you I spend my free time immersed in nature, reading in nature, and connecting with my loved ones.

It is extremely personal and important to me to be able to provide therapy in Portuguese and English. Sim, eu falo português!

I'm deeply honored to be part of your journey and eager to connect with you.

Com cuidado (With care), Vitória

Supervised by: Natalie Asawesna, LMFT#98534


I work from an integrative psychodynamic approach. Occasionally integrating mindfulness based cognitive therapy and emotionally focused therapy with individuals in relationships.

Therapist Vitoria
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